Ballarat, Victoria

Published Author

I was thrilled to be published this year for the first time.

My 200-word microlit story, Ice Cube, was a finalist in the 2018 NWF/joanne burns MicroLit Award. And as a result, my story was subsequently published in the Spineless Wonders’ Shuffle anthology.

Shuffle was launched at the Newcastle Writers Festival on 6 April, 2019.

My story also featured in additional storybombing activities at the Newcastle Writers Festival. And via opportunities created by Spineless Wonders.

Composer, Stephen Adams, and talented actor, Eleni Schumacher, teamed up to produce a narration and experimental musical composition based on Ice Cube. Attendees at the festival were able to listen to my microlit composition, and others, in-between festival sessions.

I was also excited to have Ice Cube featured on Spineless Wonders’ Coffee Pod|cast Episode 23 Ice Cube. It was surreal to listen to Ali and Emma discussing my microlit story. So, tune in to hear them pondering what inspired it and the choices I made in creating it.

Shuffle anthology front cover

Ice Cube

Shuffle - 6 April, 2019

The idea for Ice Cube surfaced when I was sitting in a bar waiting to meet friends—my mind being obviously just loose enough.

Ice Cube - Composition

Ice Cube

Listen to Stephen Adam’s musical composition created for Ice Cube.

Ice Cube - Narration

Ice Cube

Listen to actor, Eleni Schumacher’s narration of Ice Cube.